John Frederick Black

About John Frederick Black

"Profoundly passionate about his work, his eternal drive for new ground and his search for new experiences push him on a never-ending voyage of personal discovery. He describes himself as "Romantic" and his work is undoubtedly full of beauty: often linked to man's seemingly insignificant relationship with his surroundings. His ability and control over just about every medium gives him the freedom to express his vision with clarity and self-assurance. 

Not for him the one-paced repetition of a recurring theme - viewing a collection of his begs the question as to whether it is all by the same man, such is the versatility and accomplishment as both painter and draughtsman.

John Frederick Black's paintings are a visual feast, always exciting and inspirational. He truly represents the very best in landscape painting in this country. His work is becoming increasingly recognised, and collectable, with much critical acclaim. His paintings are in private and public collections in the U.K. and abroad.

John Black is a poet in visual form and a master of light and colour. His paintings are wonderful to live with and are richly rewarding in their spiritual content."

Charlotte Phelps.

Cossabi Belbo. Italy